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We're off to a great start to the MLB season.  Go to XP Sports right now for today's pick.  Good luck!


Featuring Our Fourth Year of FREE Picks

Thursday, April 1st, 2021 @ 7:00 am PST  We are happy to be back for our fourth year sharing XP Sports FREE Daily MLB Picks.  Thank you for visiting!  We originally started posting our picks just to share and have fun - and that remains our primary goal to this day.  You may want to know why we post FREE picks.  Well, let me be completely honest - I don't think you would pay me for my picks (nor should you), but we feel you shouldn't pay anyone for picks.  We encourage you to do your own homework.  There are plenty of "experts" out there who would be happy to take your money in exchange for their "expert" picks, but think about that for a minute:  you send them $100 for a week's worth of their picks, they share their picks with you, and then you have to pay another $100 just to complete the wager!  There are literally thousands of "experts" out there... half are on Team A to win while the other half is on Team B to win.  Aaaargh!  So we make our daily picks and share them here for you not to blindly follow (don't blindly follow anyone), but to utilize as appropriate as you gather information during your daily capping activities.  So our picks are free and shall forever remain free. We enjoy sports investing for profit and entertainment.  We hope you do too.

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